Coronavirus update (3/20/2020) and shopping assistance requests

Latest update from the church leadership

A NOTE FROM PASTOR TREVOR (copy of the email that was sent on 3/20)


I know that there's some uncertainty and a lot of questions around what we're going to be doing and how we as a church are responding.  I also know that King’s Way is positioned very well. We've talked about this for a number of years, that King’s Way is not defined by a building.  We define church as a group of people on a mission towards Christ and His kingdom. I believe we will continue to see God moving and doing great things through us especially during this ever challenging time. 


Yesterday I met with the rest of the Elders to review and define our next steps.  Our leadership team decided in order to follow with what we believe; faith, common sense and wisdom would deem necessary, we are closing our campus until the end of March.  This will provide an opportunity to deep clean in the heavily used areas as well as respectfully follow our government’s request.  Therefore, until we can safely open the church back up all activities at the church are cancelled until at least the end of March.  This includes any groups that utilized the church on Sundays or during the week (including small groups, Bible studies, youth activities, etc).


Our leadership team will continue to monitor and evaluate the situation. We will post on the website here, Facebook and email updates periodically.  Our request to you is that you pray for our church, our leaders, our country and the world.  Pray that we quickly defeat this virus and allow us to reengage. We are praying that we can open the church back up on April 5th.


In the meantime, we ask that you follow God’s example and love your neighbors.  Keep track and help those that are in need. Reach out to the church if you need help by filling out a request on our website. 


Now for some really great news. God has blessed us with a way to still have a worship service through technology. 

  • Our website will have links to sermons, notes and more
  • Facebook Live events are available on our Facebook page
  • YouTube video channel is available as well
  • RightNow Media also has lots of great videos for adults and kids. If you need an account, email [email protected] (it’s free).


I would highly encourage you to plan to engage Sunday morning live with us. Keep the structure and routine in place to feel a little bit of normalcy (sing the worship song, take communion as a family). If you subscribe to the church’s YouTube channel you will get a notification when it’s live, or if you follow the church’s Facebook page. We recommend the YouTube method as we can interact with your comments better. Here is a link to our channel:  Just think how awesome it would be to have us all connected together regardless of location.



I know in this crazy time of being isolated and watching information coming constantly over social media and the news, it is tempting at times to feel alone and fearful and to not understand exactly what's going on. I would tell you that there's been one practice that has definitely helped me that I think God encourages each of us to do, and Jesus Himself modeled it for us.  It’s to get quiet and to sit still and to listen and let God be the voice that you hear.


I know for many of us even if we are alone, and have quiet in our life, we never get quiet and we never let God have a place to speak. I encourage you over the next few days, weeks, hopefully not months, that maybe this becomes a practice for you beyond this, that you would take time each day and get quiet with God. Let Him have a place to bring peace, to speak over your anxieties, your fears and the unknowns. Let Him have a voice into you.


I think all of us would benefit from letting the kingdom of God reign in our hearts through His voice. I encourage you to tune in this Sunday as we live-streamed, we're continuing the Road to Emmaus series focusing on what Jesus says about worry and anxiety. 


God is still faithful. He is still good. He can be trusted. And we will see you Sunday morning. You have a great, glorious day in the Lord. We'll see you later.


Put Sunday 10:45 - Time for Church on your calendars! 





 Anyone that is not able or comfortable to shop for food or supplies and would like some assistance getting things picked up, please fill out a request below. We have volunteers that will help get you food or supplies during this time.  You can also send an email to [email protected] with your name, phone number and shopping request or if you are willing to volunteer to help. This is another great example of why community is better, together we can help each other.

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