A generosity campaign to bless local and global ministries.

Every November at King's Way we have a generosity campaign called Blessed to Bless where we raise money and donate items to bless different ministries in our own town and across the world. This year, we have multiple opportunities:

  • Operation Christian Child - OCC's mission is to demonstrate God’s love in a tangible way to children in need around the world. To do this, they collect shoeboxes of donated Christmas gifts from local churches and businesses here, and then partner with local churches around the world to distribute them and the gospel message to children in need. These boxes are an incredibly easy way to show God's love through a small gift. To get involved, find our table set up in the church lobby with information on how to get started, or look up more details on the OCC website, located here. Please return the requested items to the church by November 20th.

  • Holiday Central - Holiday Central is a local outreach effort to help struggling families in the Mount Vernon School District meet their needs over the Christmas season. They help these families with food, clothing, and toys. King's Way is partnering with Holiday Central to provide some of their clothing needs. To get involved, find the Christmas tree in the church lobby and find a card with some specific people's names and needs for the season. If you have questions or need additional information, email us at [email protected] Please return the requested items to the church by December 4st.

  • Tri-County Pregnancy Resource Center - The Tri-County Pregnancy Resource Center’s vision is to be a pro-life voice of biblical believers working together to create a culture of strong families. They have provided a list of needed items for donation:
  • Diapers Size 2-5 (Pamper or Huggies only)
  • Small Packages of Wipes
  • Baby Lotions and Destine Cream
  • Prenatal Vitamins
  • Stollers (must be new)
  • Pack and Play (must be new)
  • Swings (must be new)

Please return all donated items to the church by December 4th.

  • St. Susanne's Food Drive- St. Susannes's Catholic Church provides a Food Drive for families in our community who are facing food insecurity. This year, instead of donating food we want to join our neighbor church in helping them distribute food. We are excited about this opportunity to partner with other churches in the area to serve our community! Opportunities to serve are:
  • Monday, Nov 14 8:00am to unload truck
  • Monday, Nov 14 4:30pm Prep for distribution
  • Monday, Nov 14 from 5:30-7pm for distribution
  • Wednesday, Nov 16 9:00am Prep for distribution.
  • Wednesday, Nov 16 from 10-11am for distribution

  • Firewind Ministries - Maurice and Erica White are missionaries in Kenya, Africa who plant churches and train Pastors to lead the church plants. God has been working powerfully through their mission to save the lost and spread access to God's Word. King's Way has the opportunity to not only partner with them again this year in planting churches, but they will become a full time missions partner at King's Way! There are specific needs for more local church buildings without somewhere to physically meet, as well as for solar-powered audio Bibles in the Maasai people's own language. All online donations can be made here under the drop menu option AFRICAN CHURCH FUND, or by writing a check with AFRICAN CHURCH FUND in the memo line and depositing it in the offering box in the church lobby. For more information about Firewind Ministries, check out their website, located here.
  • Each church costs $4000
  • Each solar-powered audio Bible costs $35

  • Next Gen Asia- Noi and Doug live in the Joplin area and are part-time missionaries in Noi's home country of Laos. They have been traveling back and forth between the States and Laos due to persecution for sharing the Gospel. Laos is in the top 10 countries in the world with the most unreached peoples with over 140 different tribes that don't know the Gospel and only 3% of the population is Christian. Next Gen Asia is dedicated to empowering young leaders in Laos through discipleship, education, and vocational training. They are in the process of building a safe house for the poor, marginalized, and impoverished people to be able to provide healing through sharing the Gospel, providing education, nutritional meals, and safe housing. We have the opportunity to partner with Noi and Doug and reach the lost for Christ by helping fund a portion of their building project. We are wanting to raise $10,000 for them to do the following:
  • Kitchen $3000
  • Well $1000
  • Water lines $1000
  • Electrical lines and circuit protectors for the building $1000
  • Fence $4000

All online donations can be made here under the drop menu option LAOS- DOUG AND NOI WELCH, or by writing a check with LAOS- DOUG AND NOI WELCH in the memo line and depositing it in the offering box in the church lobby. You can visit their website here for more information.

  • Missions of Hope International (MOHI)- King's Way is excited to announce MOHI as a new missions partner starting in 2023! Missions of Hope is an organization in different regions all throughout Kenya. They are primarily located in the Mathare Valley, which is the second largest slum in Kenya. MOHI seeks to educate, empower, redeem, and restore whole communities to Christ. By planting churches, micro enterprises, schools, and medical clinics, they are providing hope, healing, and love to those suffering in poverty. MOHI is currently in 30 different communities all around Kenya, and when partnering with MOHI we get to sponsor a whole community to give, partner, and build relationship with. King's Ways partnership will be with Kariobangi, which has a primary school for K-5 grade, a technical training facility for college students, the office for their micro-financing department, and a church. Missions of Hope is serving children and families in disadvantaged communities through amazing wholistic ministry.