Staff & Elders

Say hello to the leadership team at King's Way!

Meet our leadership

Below is the listing of our leadership team and staff members. If you have a question or would like to request time with any of them, please fill out a contact form by clicking here. Thank you, and we are glad you are here!

Trevor Coquillard || Lead Pastor

Trevor Coquillard has been at King's Way since 2008. He is married to Katrina and has 3 kids; Jace, Cooper, and Dawson.

Jon Flowers || Family Pastor

Jon Flowers joined the King's Way team in 2012 as the pastor of children's ministry. He is married to Alexis and has 2 kids; Molly and Jake.

Ryan Dufoe || Worship Pastor

Ryan Dufoe has served King's Way since March 2021. He is happily married to Sharon, and they have the best dog in the world.

Beth Shoff || Daycare & Preschool Director

Beth Shoff helped start Great Beginnings Daycare and Preschool in 2000 and still serves as the director of the daycare and preschool. She has two sons, Kyler and Kaden.

Stephanie Leach || Administrator

Stephanie Leach has served as the King's Way office administrator since 2003. She is married to Brian and has one son, Isaac.

Joe Alexander || Elder

Joe has served as an elder since 2006. He is married to Joy and has two daughters, Laci and Kelsey.

Mike Baker || Elder

Mike has served as an elder since 1991. He is married to Pam and has 2 kids, Erin & Adam.

Dale Kleeman || Elder

Dale has served as an elder since 2001. He is married to Terry and has 3 kids, Darin, Casey, & Keather.

Steve Owens || Elder

Steve has served as an elder since 2001. He is married to Shelly and has two kids, Daley & Dalton.